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IQ2 Debate: It's too soon to ditch fossil fuels

28 August 2018
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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IQ2 covers the biggest issues of our times, building a bridge between ideological extremes to deliver smart, civil and engaging debate. This year IQ2 Australia celebrates its tenth anniversary – there's never been more important time for respectful conversations about the issues that matter. 

The Australian population has cried out for clean energy but hasn’t been prepared to pay for it. So what do we do?

Different political parties have different views on the best sources of energy. Is it wind, solar, gas, nuclear, coal or “clean coal”?

What's most sustainable? Effective? How many jobs will the industry create? What are we prepared to sacrifice?

Gas was the promised cleaner energy but before coral bleaching took hold, we had to dredge the Great Barrier Reef to get it.

Electricity is expensive. Old infrastructure has seen home bills surge. Those able to afford solar panels for their roofs aren’t contributing as much money to the shared grid anymore, making poorer electricity users bear more costs for the upkeep of the system.

Influential organisations like the Rockefeller Foundation are divesting from fossil fuels while the Australian government is considering loaning Adani $900 million to set up a coal mine here. The project will create thousands of jobs but it’s being protested for fears it will contribute too much to global warming. 

We haven’t seen a large scale renewable energy source successfully rolled out yet. As South Australia’s failed and the state blacked out, Elon Musk stepped in. The stunt seems to have sold more Tesla cars in Australia but will it work?

How do we deliver energy to our growing population?


Speaker lineup announced closer to the date of the debate. 

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