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Our Ethical Framework

Our Values & Principles

Our work is defined by commitment, innovation and persistence: Commitment to our purpose and vision for a better world; innovation to find new and exciting ways to raise awareness, stimulate conversations, build better organisations and help those in need; and persistence to stay with the task often over a very long time. It is these commitments upon which our values and principles are based.





People matter most.  Every person has intrinsic dignity and deserves respect. We’ll reject ideas or views that aim to deny the humanity of others.

TEC_AE_ICON_SET-DIAGRAM_WISDOM.pngKnow Your World. Know Your Self.

Socrates believed that the unexamined life is not worth living. Questioning who we are, being conscious of what we think and do and being alive to what’s good and right is what makes us ethical beings.


Listening is the foundation for mutual respect and understanding. Being open to others makes us worthy to respond. We provide opportunities for all voices to be heard – including the silenced or ignored.


There is plenty of bad reasoning in the world: we won’t contribute to it. We create opportunities for people to explore diverse and often challenging ideas to support deeper thinking, good choices and better outcomes.


Finding solutions to ethical challenges requires imagination. We’ll honour the philosophical traditions that inform our work with a committment to apply them to our increasingly complex world. We’ll never stop creating better solutions, better futures and better ways to be in the world.


Ethics demands courage. We won’t shy away from hard truths, uncomfortable topics or compromise our independence. We won’t trade doing what’s right for what’s easy – or profitable – even if it pits us against public opinion or the powerful.


Living ethically is not about telling people what to think and do: it’s about living with integrity. Be who you say you are.

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Our purpose, vision & work

Our purpose To bring ethics to the centre of everyday life.
Our vision A world where we know ourselves and others: where we have the courage to stand up for our values and principles, the wisdom to explore the complex and unknown, and the imagination and heart to strive for the very best we can be.
Our work We deliver innovative programs, services and experiences, to bring ethics to the centre of personal and professional life. Our activities span live events, ethics consulting and education, a free ethics helpline, and advocacy campaigns. Across all our work, the same goal drives what we do: to bring people together, create the space for open and honest conversations, and build the skills and capacity of people to live and act according to their values and principles.