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Levels Of Involvement

The Ethics Alliance offers a range of options to suit all levels of experience and participation. You can choose your level of involvement – the more involved you are, the more rewarding your membership will be.

We welcome organisations of any type, size and sector – corporate, government, community, not-for-profit – that wish to lead, inspire and shape the future of how we do business.

To enqure about joining the Alliance, contact Cris Parker at or call 02 8267 5741.


The Alliance delivers the insights, inspiration and core tools needed to embed ethics in how you do business. Ideal for smaller organisations and not for profits, this is a community that’s learning together and taking gains back to their own businesses.

  • Business ethics briefings to gain the latest in ethics thinking and connect you to the collective experience of our member group
  • Innovative and practical decision-making tools and resources built by ethics experts
  • Discounted access for all staff members to our online Webinar Series
MEMBERSHIP: $7,500 pa


The Alliance Circle brings together high-level decision makers to collaborate on organisation and industry-wide change by participating in cross sector roundtables, underpinned by evidence-based research. A brains trust crafting solutions that benefit all.


All Alliance benefits, plus:
  • Roundtables to create solutions to key ethical challenges designed to;
    • help you better understand critical ethical issues and trends relevant to your organisation and sector
    • gain ideas, skills and expertise to build new knowledge and resources
    • develop watershed ethics research built around insights you seek and would value in your workplace, industry and society
  • Ethics experts to host safe, productive forums bi-annually to guide you through ethical challenges specific to your individual circumstances
MEMBERSHIP: $18,500 pa


The Council will harness the strategic thinking of ASX100 and G250 CEOs to contribute to answering fundamental questions of national and international importance. Led by Dr Simon Longstaff and supported by a dedicated secretariat based at The Ethics Centre, it provides an opportunity to both demonstrate and tap into global thought-leadership.

Looking beyond the interests of their own corporations, CEOs will contribute as citizens endowed with The Ethics Centre’s resources, experience and strategic insight to tackle society’s most challenging issues.

A key focus will be the role business can play in contributing to solutions. The Council will commission, review and endorse an annual white paper that makes practical recommendations designed to effect change for the good of society as a whole. Where appropriate, each paper will also include recommendations for reforms that should be implemented by other parts of society, including government.


All Alliance and Circle benefits, plus:
  • A unique forum for peers and key influencers from across sectors who meet bi-annually to address our most pressing national and international ethical challenges
  • An exclusive opportunity to exercise your collective wisdom to leverage real global cultural change
  • Involvement in developing an annual white paper, endowed with the Centre’s resources, experience and strategic insight, to effect positive change for society as a whole
  • One-to-one consultation with Dr Simon Longstaff as required
MEMBERSHIP: $50,000 pa