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Membership of The Ethics Centre gives you the opportunity to support us in our objective to create a better, more ethically-focussed world. We're an independent, not-for-profit organisation which works to improve lives and support communities built on strong ethical foundations, and we rely on the generous support of our members and donors to survive.

By becoming a member, you will help fund much-needed consulting, counselling and education programs and diverse events and content which aim to support meaningful dialogue, challenge preconceived notions and empower, inform or comfort in the face of difficult ethical challenges.

Upon your admission as member, you also agree to the organisation's current Constitution (PDF).

Individual membership benefits include

Social investment – knowing that you’re providing valuable support to help us continue our work
Subscription to our monthly eNews containing the latest in ethics news & events.
Event benefits – early notification and discounts for our events and partner events

Corporate membership benefits include

Practical guidance for your organisation's ethics professionals in designing and implementing ethics programs and initiatives
Demonstrated commitment to ethical business
Customised implementation of our free ethi-call phone counselling service for your staff
Priority invitation to events

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