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Somewhere to turn

One of the things we’re most proud of at The Ethics Centre is the help we provide each day through Ethi-call, our national phone counselling service. This free helpline offers independent guidance to people struggling with ethical decisions. People with nowhere else to turn.

Our lives are filled with unpredictable, life-changing ethical challenges. They can cause real distress, leaving people stuck and struggling, anxious or broken. For many, Ethi-call is the only safe place to talk about these problems.
Over the past 25 years, we’ve helped thousands of people across the country. But demand is growing. And there are still many people who don’t know Ethi-call exists – people in the midst of distress.
We need your help
This year we need to raise $180,000 to expand the critical Ethi-call service. We need to reach more people, train new counsellors and help at-risk communities. As a not-for-profit organisation that receives no government funding, we rely on contributions from people like you. Any amount you can afford to give will mean more people have somewhere to turn.
Please help us create a world where people are more empowered to make more ethical decisions. To give compassion to others. To be part of a kinder, more conscious and better connected world.
Help us make sure no one has to suffer alone. 

With you it’s possible, donate now