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Ethi-call - The Free Ethics Counselling Helpline

About Ethi-call

The human experience can be complex. Tough decisions are part of being human. Sometimes these complex human issues need a human conversation.

From choices around birth and death, to those arising within workplaces and communities, our lives are filled with these unpredictable and life-changing challenges.

What is Ethi-call?

Ethi-call is a free, independent, national helpline available to all. It provides expert and impartial guidance to make your way through life’s toughest challenges. Operating for over 25 years, it’s the only service of its kind in the world.

Who is it for?

Ethi-call is for everyone. Whether your ethical issue is a personal or professional one, we’re here to help you make your way through, to find clarity and a path forward, when you’re stuck and struggling to know what to do.

How does it work?

Ethi-call sessions are a private, anonymous one-hour call with an ethics counsellor. All of our counsellors are trained to take you through a series of questions that help shine a light on the problem you’re trying to solve.

They won’t tell you the answers, but they will provide you with the tools to get to a decision that’s right for you.

Ethi-call is available day and night, seven days a week by appointment. Before you book an appointment, find out if it's the right service for you or read through examples of calls we help with. 

**Ethi-call is a safe environment where you can explore your ethical issue or dilemma. What you disclose is completely up to you. It goes without saying that we won't share your information with a third party. Any information collected at the time of booking is used only to monitor and improve the service. Feel free to discuss any issues you may have relating to privacy at the beginning of your call.