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Is Ethi-call right for me?

Ethi-call is a free helpline for people facing difficult decisions, dilemmas or issues. 

Before you book an appointment, please take a read below to see if Ethi-call is right for you.

We're not a legal helpline and we don't act as an ombudsman. Our role is to support you through ethical issues and work through your problem, not to investigate complaints against a company, government body or individual, or act on your behalf to prosecute them. If that's what you require, please contact a lawyer or the relevant industry ombudsman.

Support to work through your situation from an ethical perspective Legal advice
Help in untangling the issues that are causing concern or distress Organisation or profession specific Code of Conduct advice. If this is what you need, please refer to your relevant association/organisation helpline
A reflective space to clarify your thoughts An ombudsman service - our role is not to investigate or prosecute companies, government bodies or individuals
Identification of options and ways forward A representative to act on your behalf
Help in building the courage to implement your chosen course of action Advice on the 'right' thing to do. We'll support you to come to a decision based on your circumstances and values

Our Ethi-call service is free, open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm (EST) by appointment, with sessions lasting up to one hour.

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