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A Fair Will

Is it ever fair to discriminate between your children?

You have a daughter and a son, both in their late 30s. Your daughter was always a good student; she studied hard and excelled at university. She now has a professional job and is married with two young children. Her husband has a reasonably senior executive position and they are financially comfortable.

Your son, on the other hand, was not a natural student and found it difficult to apply himself. After school he spent a number of years backpacking around the world. He had one or two promising career opportunities but they never seemed to work out.

Always unsure of what he wanted to do long term, he was offered a job 10 years ago doing gardening and landscaping work. He is still in this job and enjoys it, but though he works very hard his income is unreliable.  He has two children and is now divorced. It concerns you that your son’s children are missing out on educational and other opportunities due to a lack of money.

As you consider what to do with your will, do you stick to an even 50/50 split of your assets, or do you allocate a larger share to your son?

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