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A Night at the Movies

How do you decide to act when your loyalties are divided?

You see the wife of a close friend at the movies with a man you don’t recognise. The wife sees you across the cinema and looks alarmed.

The next day she calls and asks you not to say anything to her husband. She explains that things have been very difficult at home lately as her husband is not happy at work, but he can’t change jobs because they need his salary for the mortgage. He also seems quite depressed. She says that her husband knows she goes out without him. She promises she won’t see the man again and says nothing has happened between them.

You have known your friend for over twenty years and known them as a couple for fifteen. You like them both and you socialise with them quite regularly. But you aren’t sure whether you believe what the wife has told you.

Where do your loyalties lie? Your friendship with the husband is important to you; does your loyalty to this friendship require you to tell him what you saw? You don’t want to cause him further distress. You think about how you would feel if you were in the husband’s position: would you want to know?

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