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Rewarding the Team

Who to put first—the team or the individual?

You manage a small team of eight in a large company and your team has just won an award for the best performance for the past six months—an award your team won twice last year. The prize is lunch at a popular bistro, followed by a “tradition” of kicking on to some nearby bars.

You’re aware that one of the team members has recently faced a problem with alcohol that had been affecting her work and personal life. She’s told you that she is getting treatment and things seem to be progressing well, but you’ve noticed that lately she hasn’t been coming for a drink after work. As far as you know, none of her colleagues are aware of her situation.

Other staff members have told you how much they are looking forward to the celebration, but you’re concerned that she may not feel able to come. She is a key member of the team and her work has contributed significantly to the team’s success.

Should you consider some other form of reward outing, one that she will feel more comfortable about? But what about how the other team members feel? What ought you to do?

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