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IQ2 Debate: Future of Humanity

24 October 2017
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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Sydney Town Hall
483 George St
Sydney NSW 2000

Tickets From $39
If Bob Dylan had written his classic song today, he might have called it 'The Times They Are A-Makin My Head Spin'.
Thinking about the future can make you feel optimistic or hopeless. Who knows what it holds?
From our politics to the very resources we rely on, we haven’t yet found a balance between our needs and wants, and the things that sustain them.
We are in a new era. Of growing and changing population, economic failings and headwinds, changes to our environments and the mix of biodiversity on our planet. We are unsure of our resources, whether its land, energy, food or water.
Technological advances are delivering ethical minefields. And with each change, our choices expand and others get left behind.
We don’t know if we’ll have jobs. Or what those jobs will look like. We don’t even know what we will look like – our communities, families, our children, even our own reflections.
Perhaps we’re designing our own end. Or maybe we’re in the messy process of future-proofing humanity.
Can we weather the storms ahead like the generations before us?

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