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Festival of Dangerous Ideas

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) was co-founded by The Ethics Centre and the Sydney Opera House in 2009. It was presented at the Sydney Opera House for eight years until 2016. 

FODI was conceived to stimulate discussion and critical thinking and connect audiences with some of our most important issues – asylum, gender, justice, death, politics, race, religion and more. It brought leading thinkers and culture creators from around the world to challenge the status quo, start important conversations and push the boundaries of conventional thought. 

Speakers presented at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas include: Christopher Hitchens, Julian Assange, Mona Eltahawy, Jon Ronson, Alicia Garza, Germaine Greer, David Simon, Sir Salman Rushdie, Pussy Riot, Masha Gessen, Tariq Ali, A.C. Grayling, Peter Greste, Naomi Klein and Stan Grant

FODI was jointly founded by Richard Evans, formerly of Sydney Opera House, and Dr Simon Longstaff AO, Executive Director of The Ethics Centre. Dennis Watkins produced the first FODI in 2009. From 2010-2016, Ann Mossop, formerly of the Sydney Opera House was the curator of the festival, joined by co-curator Danielle Harvey of the Sydney Opera House from 2012-2016. Simon Longstaff acted as curatorial advisor from 2009-2016.

Over its eight year history, FODI presented 239 individual sessions, sold over 157,000 tickets and reached even more audiences around Australia and the world via its satellite event program and digital content. 

Many talks were recorded and remain available to catch up on via YouTube or iTunes​.