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The Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2018 is on this weekend, 3-4 November at Sydney's Cockatoo Island.

From sex robots to sex clowns, to tying yourself up in lies and rope, this year’s festival takes you beyond the hype and deep into the issues that confront and divide us.  
Take a pause with our team and engage in a conversation that matters during the festival, diving deep into the ideas that surface over two days of danger.
Pause, make new connections and debrief in between sessions at The Conversation Field, located outside beside the food and beverage marquees.
Or, step inside The Big Deep where you can contribute your own dangerous idea into the sea of truth and trust. Situated in front of the main turbine hall, The Big Deep is an experiential opportunity to share ideas that you wish we could discuss, see the perspectives ofothers and refuel with a coffee between sessions.

Plus, don't miss The Ethics Centre workshop and thought experiment across the Festival weekend:
Saturday - Everyday Ethics Workshop - Dr Simon Longstaff
Venture into the thorny and nameless ethical choices we face everday in the Naval Space at noon Saturday with Dr Simon Longstaff. Everyday Ethics is a participatory workshop through a process of deliberation that traces back to the days of Socrates in the Athenian agora.

Sunday - The Danger of Skepticism- Dr Matt Beard
Enter a thought experiment with The Ethics Centre's Dr Matt Beard to explore The Danger of Skepticism. History is littered with examples of the danger of abolutists. We all need to be sceptical, but when does scepticism and doubt cross the threshold into dangerous? Step insidethe Sandstone Hall this Sunday at 1pm to consider where to draw the line.

Download the full program schedule, island map and ferry times to plan your FODI experience.




An ethical life is an examined life. It requires that we consider diverse ideas; that we’re brave in exploring the difficult, the unknown and the unpopular, so that we can better understand ourselves and the world around us. That was the genesis of the festival’s conception in 2009.

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas was co-founded by The Ethics Centre and the Sydney Opera House. It was held at Sydney Opera House for eight years and in its ninth year has moved to a new home on Cockatoo Island and we've taken on a new presenting partner, UNSW Centre for Ideas.