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IQ2 Debate: Chastity Will Save the 21st Century

Sex is everywhere – from advertisements for cat food and soft drinks to the way men and women speak, dress and act everyday. We are encouraged to lead happy, healthy sex lives that enhance our well-being and relationships. 

But some argue we are not living in a sexually liberating era. Even fun, consensual sex can be associated with suffering. We can be made to feel embarrassed by past choices in partners and humiliated when our private sex lives are made public – whether it’s a high-school dalliance or politician’s extramarital affair. Worse yet, people still use the threat of sexualised insult and violence to hurt and manipulate others.
Some say sex has become too pervasive. Sexiness is so expected nothing is sexy anymore.
Is it time we exercised restraint? Could chastity – rather than abstinence – make sex special again? 

Arguing for the motion were theologian Scott Stephens, model and refugee advocate, Imogen Bailey and comedian Justin Hamilton. Against the motion were evolutionary biologist Rob Brooks, sexologist Nikki Goldstein and Buzzfeed's political reporter Alex Lee. 

Images by Mark Baxter.