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The Ethics of Fast Food

We’ve got a new fast food culture that’s both gourmet and a glorious up-yours to gastronomic snobbery. 

Urban hotspots are invoking the menus and decor of once remote roadside eateries. Fast food is healthier, trendier and more ethical than ever. 

Our burgers are made with grass-fed beef patties and fancy 'slaw. It’s a sin to slop anything but grandma’s handmade relish on your kumara fries. Timber bread boards have replaced plates and every waiter sports ink and dark denim.

As part of Good Food Month, The Ethics Centre explored the virtues of bringing fast food back. We were joined by three of Sydney's diner revival heavyweights: Jake Smyth of Mary's, Luke Powell of LP’s Quality Meats (formerly Ester’s & Tetsuya’s), and Dan McGuirt of Jazz City Diner. Are we refashioning nostalgic cheap eats in protest of food elitism or letting a new snootiness creep into fast food.