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The Ethics of Getting High

Sometimes we're ok with overlooking the ethics of things we enjoy, focussing on the benefits even though we know there's more to it.

With so many people trying and using drugs, they deserve more thought. But some drugs are illegal or extremely risky, sweeping away a more considered conversation.

The Ethics Centre and VICE Australia teamed up to look at the ethics of getting high.

First up, the crew at VICE started off by interviewing young people around the country about the ethics of drug use.

Then we took your questions and put them to club owner and DJ Jaime Wirth, ethicist Dr Sascha Callaghan and drug user Jack Mannix in a panel discussion at The Ethics Centre on Wednesday 3 August.

We couldn't get to every question asked but owe a big thanks to Chelsea, Dylan, Maddison, Alastair and Stephen whose questions about supply chains, prohibition, consent, acceptance, responsibility for friends and acceptance were a great start.

Props also to our event host VICE Australia's Maddison Connaughton, Cake Wines and Young Henrys for the drinks, and Jessica Harris (@thisisphotosbyjessieann) for the photos.

Want to see some of the conversation or put your question into the mix? Take a look at the twitter feed.

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