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IQ2 Debate: Baby Boomers Owe a Debt to the Young

On Tuesday 23 August we held our third IQ2 Debate of 2016 - Boomers Owe a Debt to the Young. 

First up, comedian Zoe Norton-Lodge had the audience in stitches, setting the tone for the entire evening. Next we were treated to some reminiscing from former Liberal Party Leader Kerry Chikarovski about the "good old days", and all the finer things in life that boomers have given young people, in the way of good food and good music. Then we heard from the hugely knowledgeable John Daley, CEO of the Grattan Institute, who blew our minds with stats on how boomers are taking advantage of a tax system which was seemingly designed just for them. Finally, finishing off our debate with a bang was demographer and KPMG partner Bernard Salt, who again enlightened us with statistics and research on how boomers didn't actually have it all that easy, especially those who worked for most of their careers with no superannuation benefits. 

The most poignant question of the evening came from an insightful 11-year old audience member, who asked us: "Can't we all just get along?" 

A poll was taken before the debate, with 43% for the motion, 35% against and 22% undecided. By the end of the evening, just 5% of the audience was undecided, and there was a huge swing against the motion: 
48% against, while 47% were for the motion - A win to the "against" side by just 1%! Seems opinions on this hotly contested topic are still highly divided. 


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