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The Ethics of Hedonism

On 20 November, The Ethics Centre and Archie Rose presented The Ethics of Hedonism – an afternoon of drinks, food and rich conversation.

Hedonism says pleasure is the key to a happy life. We enjoyed a glass of the good stuff while the ever-engaging criminologist Michael Salter took us on a journey into hedonism and happiness. We were challenged by some tough thought-provokers, such as: "Would you rather be a happy oyster, or a struggling artist your whole life?" and "Is it ever ethical to hurt people in order to change their behaviour?"

Friends, food, booze and a good dose of stimulating intellect in the stylish Archie Rose gin distillery – a pleasurable Sunday arvo to be sure!

Stay tuned for more experiential ethics events like this next year. In the meantime, take a look at some of the photos from the event. 

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