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The Ethics of Humour

Plato said laughter is malicious. Aristotle said ugly faces are funny. Timeless philosophical wisdom or outdated killjoys? Join today’s comic professionals for an exploration of the ethics humour. When is a joke is too soon, too mean or downright inappropriate? How should we use humour? To push boundaries, bind us together or for the LOLs? The worst jokes are those you have to explain. But that doesn’t mean humour can’t be subjected to ethical inquiry.

Our Ethics of Humour event on the 22 September proved to be entertaining and thought provoking, as comedians Zoe Norton Lodge and James Colley, and iconic Australian cartoonist Cathy Wilcox shared their insights into jokes, pranks and stunts, and what happens when they go too far.

Check out the video below, and take a look through a few of the snaps from the night. Thanks again to our speakers and attendees for joining us on the night. 


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