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The Ethics of Identity

Know Yourself. Know Your World... What makes you, you? Is it your body, skin colour and personal style? Or are you made of what you know, believe and remember? Are you the same person you were a week, year or decade ago? And how do your life and choices reflect your identity? 

Understanding who we are and how we fit into the world around us is a central challenge for humanity. At some stage or another each of us has to ask and answer the great existential question, "who am I?"

Our identity is at the core of some of our biggest anxieties and comforts – relationships, work, home, how we’re valued and what we stand for. At its heart, ethics asks, ‘How should I live?’ Finding an answer to that question starts with a deep and nuanced understanding of your self and your identity.

In two sold-out sessions on 27 and 28 April, philosopher Pat Stokes joined us to explore the intrigue and ambiguity of identity. We got to know ourselves a little better, delved into what makes you and others tick and explored some of the tricky and sticky issues of staying true to yourself in a modern world. 

If you missed out on the night, ABC Radio National recorded the entire audio of the event for an episode of the Philosopher's Zone. Listen to it here >>

A huge thanks to those that joined us on the night.

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