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IQ2 Debate: Capitalism

28 August 2018
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
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How will those of us with jobs being made obsolete by automation survive in a capitalist society?
Universal basic income is being seriously considered as one solution and trialled around the world.
Like communism was, this is a radical shift from our current capitalist political and social system. Can a change really be made? And should it?
Capitalism is criticised for being woefully unsustainable. Its pursuit of profits and accumulation of private ownership continues to bring massive environmental degradation and unstoppable levels consumerism that further pollute an Earth that is well past its tipping point.
Social inequalities are growing. Does anyone really believe a single person deserves more money than entire populations? The rich might be good and generous people, but every dollar earned is someone else’s loss. The poor are getting poorer.
As the saying goes though, a rising tide floats all boats. China is often given as the great example of this. The once impoverished communist nation embraced capitalism and became the world’s cheap manufacturer. Its capitalist approach allowed it to prosper and grow into the dominant super power with the world’s largest elite class.
So is capitalism serving us now and is it capable of sustaining us well into the future? Or do we need to engineer another type of social and political system?


Speaker lineups announced closer to the date of the debate. Stay tuned

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