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IQ2 Debate: Society Must Recognise Trans People's Gender Identities

On Thursday 3 March we held the first IQ2 Debate of 2016 - Society Must Recognise Trans People's Gender Identities. The debate was part of the official 2016 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival. 

Even in a relatively progressive country like Australia, Transgender people report high levels of harrassment and discrimination leading to severe rates of depression. Efforts to address these harms include education programs like 'Safe Schools' and social activisim 'no-platforming' campaigns aimed at censoring offending ideas. The need for greater social acceptance of all people is a no-brainer to many. But some feel certain efforts towards recognising gender identity can be ironically intolerant of diversity. The targets of 'no-platforming' have also reported being abused, bullied and threatened. Are some social attitudes toward gender intolerable? Is the answer to a healthier and happier society more speech or less? 

Transgender policy expert Peter Hyndal, LA based director and film producer Andrea James, Scottish Professor philosopher John Haldane and Associate Professor of gender Bronwyn Winter, came together to discuss society's attitudes towards gender and identity - a hugely important topic to us all. 

Listen here