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Shades of Red and Blue

The Ethics Centre has always targeted dangerous moments where a breakdown in our humanity is causing us distress. The state of our political and public debate is one of those and has been highlighted by recent political developments in America, Australia and the EU.
Every day we take another step to a public conversation made up of abuse, name calling, contempt or rude indifference. This is a fundamental threat to what makes us human and it’s time to push the reset button.

That's why on 1 April, some of our brightest thinkers from across the republican and democrat political divide came together to discuss some our biggest problems at the New York Public Library. Watch the wrap-up video here:


We talked freely and honestly about the flaws in the institutions that guard our Constitution, how we feel about strangers, where we stand on global security, whether diversity is a glue or dividing line, and free speech and the public interest.

The event was full of passion, difference, listening, nuance, grey areas, subtleties of argument and great reasoning.

Take a look at some photos from the day below. You can also watch all the individual event sessions on our YouTube channel, or listen to the sessions as a podcast on the Carnegie Council for Ethics & International Affairs' website here.

Thanks again to our event partners, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program, Advance, and 20 Square Feet Productions, for making this all possible.